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decide what kind of web support do we want to provide

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  • We closed our web forum in June 2013.
  • Tor gave up on having its own based on Askbot.
  • We didn't decide to follow their move to StackExchange so far.

We have to discuss what kind of web support we want to provide, taking into account our availability, the possible cooperation with Tor, the limitations of the different tools, etc.

Possible scenarios are:

  • Improve Askbot to our requirements
  • Go ahead with StackExchange
  • Setup a mailing list as replacement
  • Do nothing
  • FAQ

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Great plan for now

  • Pass a RFP on Debian for Askbot.
  • Give up on StackExchange for now.
  • Set up a tails-support public mailing-list with no archive, to have slightly less monitoring of the content, and announce it.
  • Collect the frequent questions and answers from the old forum in a FAQ on /support/frequently_asked_questions redirected from /support/faq.
  • Keep on harvesting questions & answers from tails-support to feed the FAQ.
  • Evaluate the plan in late October.
  • Propose to other servers to host both lists.

Great plan for later

  • Pay for Askbot improvements, Debian packaging, and managing the whole thing (including answering questions) for the first two years.

#2 Updated by sajolida over 6 years ago

Some reasons for this decision

  • The main Q&A application that we studied (Askbot, OSQA, and Shapado) are not packaged for Debian. Having our own instance would add a maintenance overhead that we are not ready to handle at the moment.
  • They are all lacking features related to anonymity, internationalization, or the possibility of sharing a single instance between different projects.
  • We are very short on human resources to maintain and be active on such a tool for the moment. We want to focus on getting the project more sustainable in the long-run first. See our roadmap.
  • Tor decided to have its own StackExchange instance. We decide not to follow them yet. They are several issues regarding privacy, and data ownership that make us still doubt.
  • We want to take advantage of the knowledge that was gathered in the forum and reuse it.

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