Feature #5748

Two-layered virtualized system

Added by Tails over 5 years ago. Updated 4 months ago.

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See the blueprint.

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There is activity on the blueprint.

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  • Related to Feature #8607: Try running Tails inside of Qubes OS added

#7 Updated by u 11 months ago

@dawidiw, I see this is a very old ticket with no comments since three years. Can I safely assume that you won't work on this anymore or are you still interested in making this happen?

Maybe things have changed since back then and this is obsolete or should be integrated with Qubes somehow?

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Unassigning and lowering prio.

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Updating the status: it's not in progress.

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  • Duplicated by Feature #16111: Gateway support - Whonix and Invizbox added

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