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Document how to change the persistence password

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From the current Persistent Volume Assistant and documentation there is no way of changing the password of a persistent volume.

This can be done using the GNOME Disk Utility and should be documented.

It should also be documented that, due to wear leveling on solid state media, parts of old LUKS header may be recoverable.


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A draft for that subpage of Persistence documentation is pending for review here:

mercedes508/tails, doc/change_persistence_passphrase, commit 9d5b5e44a

The point about SSD was not implemented as I don't understand it.

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- Many title in the documentation use a gerund form, but the subsections
of the persistent documentation use the infinitive for, so I'd rather
say "Change the passphrase of the persistent volume".
- Don't forget to add it to the index.
- Use sentence-style capitalization, see documentation guidelines [1]. I
admit that not all titles do that in the current doc, that's a legacy
from the past that should be fixed. Low-priority but feel free to do it.
- "Find out Tails device with Persistent Volume you want to change the
Passphrase of" → "Find out the device of the persisent volume".
- In this section try to reuse some phrasing from
- "Change Persistent Volume Passphrase" → "Change the passphrase of the
Persistent Volume", avoid noun clusters and implicit prepositions.
- Use "restart" instead of "reboot".
- "your Tails", it's all-right to use "your" but here it's not needed I
- "to use persistence with its new passphrase" → "and try to enable the
persistent volume with its new passphrase"


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mercedes508, any news on this?

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a new draft is pending for review here:

mercedes508, doc/change_persistence_passphrase, commit 9d76e03

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