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From my point of view this project would make a big step forward when the Browser JonDoFox could be integrated in the OS of the live CD. It's a part of the Anon Project "JonDo" that tries to bring a max of anonymity to the users by sending the network traffic through multiple networkproxys (like tor does)


Not sure it's very interesting, or an alternative to Tor :

  • It's java based, which would require to install a lot of packages, and we don't have that much free space in Tails iso.
  • It has a free version which has restrictions compared to the one you have to pay
  • Besides, most of the plugins it ships in their firefox are already in included in Tails

So I don't really see the benefits. At least maybe we could have a look at their browser configuration to see if there are any tricks we missed.


JonDoFox is a special Firefox version (on Linux a special profile) that increases the security very much. It includes the component NoScript [ Protection against Webbugs, Java and Javascript, Flash, Silverlight and similar threats ], AdBlockplus [ Filters any part of advertisement on the web, works very effectively on any web page when enough filter lists are installed ] > I have installed every list (about 45) and I never see a single add while surfing! CSlite [controlles cookie permissions] Safecache [ The browser gets resistant against cache threats ]

All this tool are great, but when using them in JonDoFox they would need a special preset (default) configuration that is loaded every time during the boot process because it's annoying to configure NoScript and the and all the other Firefox addons for max anonymity every time you start the live CD.

The browser includes a special Firefox configuration which protects the privacy of the user. It is possible to choose how the referrer and the user agent is send to any web server. A special HTML proxy between the browser and the Tor client would become unnecessary.

I am using it any day, it's open source and I think your project could make a huge amount of progress when combing Tor with JonDoFox!

I hope you like my idea, if you do so please contact me under the following secure communication interface :;;mobi=0&amp;lang=en

I hope we will get in contact next time

Yours sincerely


PS: The screen-shot shows the filter lists of Adblock Plus and the configuration dialog of NoScript

Adblock Plus.png NoScript.png


Closing. I fail to see what benefits JonDoFox would bring to Tails.



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