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Complete our release process doc wrt. non-final releases

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There are various areas where there aren't very specific instructions when it comes to non-final releases. For example:

XXX: adapt / fork for release candidates. In the meantime, read all this, and skip what does not make sense for a RC.

This is kinda scary for someone who has never RM'ed a non-final release (alpha, beta, RC). We should fix that.

Ideally, someone who's already RM'ed a non-final release would test the resulting updated instructions while RM'ing a real non-final release, before a RM who never did that goes through it.


Bug #17557: “Update other base branches” feels wrongRejected

Bug #17565: Manual testing: SquashFS commentsConfirmed

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Release process: document post-release steps for RCs.

This is an initial attempt, which will tried for 4.5~rc1. I'm slightly
unsure if did the right thing with the two "thaw" instructions.

I opted to "fork" the steps for final releases, instead of adapting
them, to make things simpler. I'm sure we could make the same steps
work for both types of releases, but there would be a lot of "If you
just released a final release..." and so on, while an exhausted RM
likely would prefer more straightforward instructions.

Will-fix: #17376


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Rationale: kibi can't do this and IMO this fits better into the "secondary RM" role (anonym) than in the "backup RM" one (intrigeri).

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Must be ready before the next major release, when kibi is gonna prepare the RC.

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The feature branch has instructions that I am reasonably confident in. @kibi, let's try them tomorrow! I'll make extra sure to be around when you perform them. Also, there's Thursday. :)

I'll keep the branch assigned to me until after we have followed them, and done any potential follow-ups.

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