Bug #17362

gnome shell extension top-icons toggles: disappear/reappear

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This is my first bug report ever. Thank you guys for all the work you put into making this software. Software like this is absolutely essential to freedom so I just want to thank you before I submit my report


- In Tor Browser when at any web page with a multi-entry user input field, the keyboard language top-icon will disappear and reappear when navigating from each input field
- It disappears/reappears when using the tab key, as well as selecting with the mouse
- I have tested this with javascript at each level - standard, safer, safest
- I have tested this with hidden service and clearnet sites

To Reproduce:

- Navigate to a website with a multi user-input form, like a contact form or a login form
- Type into the first field, then press tab or use the mouse to click the next input field
- The keyboard language disappears from top-icons, then reappears when going to the next input field

I have tested this accross multiple tails installations, as I first thought I was getting a bad version of tails. I thought a bad version of tails because I thought apparmor would prevent something like this from happening. I have limited understanding however.

When installing new tails, I always verify the install. I have installed directly from tails, on linux with firefox extensions, and with openpgp verification. The error persisted across all 3 new tails

Again thanks guys and girls for all you do


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I could not reproduce this :/

Please click the "Report an Error" launcher on the Desktop and follow the steps there, it'll lead you to reporting this with WhisperBack to our Help Desk :)

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Let's reopen if/once the requested info is provided.

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