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[fix-regression] Allow to display metadata without using command line

Added by geb 4 months ago. Updated 4 months ago.

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Hi !

MAT2 which recently (fully) replaced MAT in Tails, doesn't allow to display metadata without using command line.

I beleive this is a regression, and an important one as I used it to train people of removing metadata, by making them figuring out that, for example, their pictures may contains camera's serial number or GPS coordinates.

Command line still allow to display it, however for some people using command line is not an option.

I opened the following bug on MAT2 tracker, feel free to join the discussion, especially if you are interested in UX or may have ideas of nice way(s) to display/implement it.
If possible, please keep the discussion in the MAT2 tracker. We can use this bug to track the progress and futur integration in Tails.


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#2 Updated by adamantium 4 months ago

I concur wit Geb that this is regression: A journalist needs to be able to view the metadata in a file of their concern. The old MAT allowed display of metadata in a file prior to wiping of the metadata. It is of journalistic usefulness to be able to view the existing metadata in a file. MAT should concern itself not only with REMOVAL of metadata, but also DISPLAY (allows verification of metadata existence or success of wiping metadata). These are essential functionalities for protection of a source. Leaked metadata could cost lives. Geb is right that most journalists are not in ANY way command line savvy. It needs to be a graphical display of metadata as before. Please prioritize restoring this functionality.

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