Bug #17237

Cursor 'drifts' after using trackpoint, preventing trackpad use

Added by kdr4 26 days ago. Updated 12 days ago.

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This issue is unrelated to issue #17235 but complements and exacerbates it. It has existed in every version of Tails I have used, so going back as far as 3.10 at least, and continues to exist in 4.0. I have not tried Troubleshooting mode for this issue. This issue is not exhibited in Windows 10 on the same device, so I guess it's not a hardware problem.

Essentially, what happens is that the cursor will frequently continue to move in the direction of last movement after user interaction with the trackpoint (this is a Lenovo device) has ended. This 'drift' is very slow (perhaps one pixel per second) and often unnoticeable at a short distance. So long as this 'drift' is in motion the user cannot use the trackpad, for example to perform a 'two-finger scroll' in a webpage.

A somewhat reliable way to fix the drift is to move the trackpoint in the opposite direction to the 'drift', but as this can result in a new 'drift' in the new direction, this is not a guaranteed fix.

This issue combines with #17235 to make user interaction with Tails quite a chore, actually, hopefully one or the other can be addressed in the near future.


#1 Updated by kdr4 25 days ago

Sorry, I double-checked the situation in Windows 10 and it seems the cursor 'drift' is experienced there too, but not as often, so perhaps this is a hardware issue after all. I'll contact Lenovo technical support and report back.

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Similarly to #17235, a WhisperBack report would help checking if there's anything relevant in the logs. Now, even with a report, given this also happens on Windows (even if less often), I strongly doubt that this ticket will ever be actionable by Tails :/

#3 Updated by kdr4 12 days ago

This turned out to be a hardware fault. Sorry. Please close this bug.

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This turned out to be a hardware fault. Sorry. Please close this bug.

Thanks for letting us know!

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