Bug #17131

Tails fails to completely shutdown

Added by numbat 6 months ago. Updated 5 months ago.

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It appears there used to be a section about this issue on the "known issues" page, but it is gone. However, a user has reported facing this problem. May I ask why this has been removed?


17131_kernel_panic.jpg View (962 KB) numbat, 10/19/2019 10:32 AM


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It's good to document problems. It's better to fix them :)

For the record, the section that we removed was:

We removed it because it was very old (2013!) and related to an implementation of the memory wipe procedure that we're not using anymore, since 3.0 I think. Search for "Shutdown" in

So my bet is that this user faced a different issue that the one that used to be documented.

Were the symptoms the same for this user?

Do you have any more information?

#2 Updated by numbat 6 months ago

I've asked the user for more details on their hardware and attached a screenshot provided.

When the user attempts an emergency shutdown it may end up in a kernel panic, the user must then manually shutdown the hardware. The chances of this bug occurring is higher when the system is active, while doing things that are RAM intensive.

#3 Updated by intrigeri 5 months ago

Hi numbat,

When the user attempts an emergency shutdown

Do you know (or could you ask) how exactly they're triggering shutdown? (We don't have a well defined terminology and this area, and different people mean different things with "emergency shutdown".)

Can the user reproduce this with 4.0? (on the screenshot I see a 4.19 kernel is running, so that's not Tails 4.0 :)

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