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Create a presence in the fediverse

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The fediverse is a network of federated publishing websites. A big part of the fediverse are microblogging platforms, trying to offer a non commercial alternative to twitter. There is for example an unofficial account of the EFF on, the Torproject has an account on and there is a Debian account on I think it would be great if Tails would also have an account on a mastodon instance ;)

(I have no idea what the workflow for posting to the twitter account is and how much work it would be to also post to a mastodon account. There are also some automated tools to mirror twitter to mastodon, but I haven't looked into them.)

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cross posting can be done with
it gets advised frequently, when someone asks the question "how to cross post". It also takes only a few minutes to set it up.

About cross posting people using the fediverse having different opinions.
One is that they like interesting content being made available,
the other is that only dumping content from one platform to the other, without engaging there, is not building up communities, or dialogue.

To get started without needing to change much of the workflow, I would do it the following:

1. create an account on a choosen instance and enable cross posting (can be from twitter to mastodon, or the other way around)
2. apoint one or several people to be responsible for manually managing the fediverse account
3. choose an already established line of communication, to grand contributers the possibilty to create content, that can be posted by those being apointed after being aproved.

Some thoughts about 3:
Point 3 could be also used for testing a new line of communication, since there is the wish to move away from redmine, afaik.

I'm asking fediverse users here about feedback:

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Is anyone keen to pick up on this task?

If not, I would do the following:
Set up an account that I will mark as "non-official" or "not yet official", that I happily handover anytime requested, incl. being removed from having posting access.

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