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Add Firefox Extension Cookie AutoDelete

Added by Kronos18 about 2 months ago. Updated 10 days ago.

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This is an extension that will automatically delete cookies when the tabs are closed and allow you to manually whitelist trusted cookies. This will help prevent tracking across the web. It will require minimum work to be added to the Tor browser and Tails and is consistently recommended on along with receiving updates on

This is an easy way to increase the anonymization of the user base for a small amount of work. Please consider this otherwise users are forced to do it manually or install the addon and make themselves more unique.

Main Features
- Auto Deletes Cookies from Closed Tabs
- WhiteList/GreyList Support for Cookies
- Easily Export/Import your Whitelist/Greylist
- Clear All Cookies for a Domain
- Supports Manual Mode Cleaning from the popup
- Easily See the Number of Cookies for a site
- Support for Container Tabs (Firefox 53+ Only)


#1 Updated by sajolida 10 days ago

  • Status changed from New to Rejected

Thanks for the suggestion and sorry for the huge delay (travel, holidays, etc.).

First of all, at Tails we want our browser to remain as consistent as possible with the behavior of Tor Browser. This is both to ensure that it's not too easy to distinguish Tails users from Tor Browser users but also to grant user with a consistent behavior between both products (assuming that Tails users might also be users of Tor Browser on their regular operating system).

So I don't think that we'd want this extension in Tais unless it's also in Tor Browser. That's why I'm rejecting this ticket.

But also, Tor Browser already has embeded cookie protections. For example, all cookies are deleted when restarting Tor Browser or when using the New Identity feature. I think that this behavior is simpler to grasp by users than manipulating cookies one by one and it already provides an efficient a way of cleaning cookies.

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