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Missing mentors in Contribute page

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Few month ago, when I create tickets about VeraCrypt and Additional software, I didn't find the information about assignment in this list:

So, who contact about VeraCrypt and Additional software is needed in the Contribute page.

(and in the same time you can remove the reference to Icedove, it was rename long time ago)


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Few month ago, when I create tickets about VeraCrypt and Additional software, I didn't find the information about assignment in this list:

I think there might be a misunderstanding here: this is not meant to be a list of folks who are responsible for X or Y, and thus not a list of folks to whom new tickets in these areas shall be assigned to by default. It seems you've found a new, creative way to use this page :)

The "assigning them tickets on Redmine" part in this document is about when a new contributor needs input from a mentor. I suspect this is not your case and that instead you mean to report bugs. In that case, not assigning to anyone is fine.

Still, it's correct that this page is outdated in a bunch of ways:

  • As you said, newer Tails components and features are not listed.
  • At least one mentor listed there (tchou) is not active in Tails anymore.
  • Similarly, BitingBird gave up on tech writing.
  • Some mentors are either regularly MIA, or (in their own words) not in a position to participate in low-latency communication. IMO this makes them unsuitable to be listed here: being reactive to new contributors' questions and contributions is key in welcoming them properly. We've already lost folks by sucking at this.

Historical background:

  • This list was added after a discussion whose notes are in summit-2015/notes/independence_contributors.mdwn. I've added u to the list of watchers since she initiated this discussion and implemented this change, so she might have a strong opinion here. I don't remember who proposed that we publish a list of mentors.
  • AFAICT no process was set up to maintain this list. So it's not surprising that it's not been maintained.


  • I don't recall any new contributor contacting me individually because my name was listed there. Maybe it happened to other folks, I don't know.
  • I never use this list. Otherwise, I would surely have noticed it was so outdated.

So at this point, we have outdated info that would need regular maintenance work, and that we're not sure is useful in practice. Hmmm.

If someone wants to volunteer to be the maintainer of this list of mentors, or wants to try & find a maintainer for it, I'm fine with that.
Else, I think we should remove this section entirely: its current state is misleading and in many cases, if anyone actually tries to use this information, having outdated info is more detrimental than beneficial.

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