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Bug #17078: Donation campaign 2020

Rework the way "one-time" and "monthly" are coded on our donation page

Added by sajolida 5 months ago. Updated about 1 month ago.

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Right-now "monthly" is the default because it's more valuable to us but it might be surprising to the user and badly interpreted, especially if overlooked.

Could we have a mechanism that forces them to make a decision, without previous default? This would require some JavaScript.

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Blocked by Tails - Feature #16189: Do usability testing on our donation page Confirmed 12/04/2018


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Here is a branch. Please have a look.

It's based on #16170 so we'll have to merge web/16170-other-ways-above-fold first.

It moves "Other ways to donate" up by only 9 pixels which is not a lot compared to what we gained in #16170.

In the no-JS version, I detected that we're giving a "Custom amount" option for one-time donations but not for recurring donations. Testing all this is a pain once you get to PayPal so I decided to give up on this. Maybe there's a reason for that. Feel free to investigate it deeper if you think it's worth it.

#3 Updated by u 5 months ago

Hm, I don't share your assessment that this might be surprising to the user because we clearly highlight the preselected options visually.

Now, not having a preselected option makes it harder for people to donate, because they will have to click to make a selection, which seems to be contrary to the "don't make me think" UX principle IMO.

Also, compared to web/16170-other-ways-above-fold it looks like you make these currently visible green buttons hardly visible, by visually degrading them to a radio button.

Hence right now I would not want to merge this as is. What do you think? Or did my website build script somehow get it wrong?

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So your intuition and mine differ and we don't have actual user data to prove anything. So I'll put this on wait until I do some usability testing on this page.

- Regarding the "don't make me think" argument, right now if they don't "think", the "monthly" option will be preselected for them which might not be what most people expect. I would personally feel tricked if I end up configuring a monthly donation because I didn't pay attention or didn't understand the state of the button that is preselected. It also requires a PayPal account. So I'm tempted to say that with the current state of things, people actually have to think a tiny bit more.
- Regarding the new buttons being "hardly visible", I'm using the default style for radio buttons which I also thought would be more straightforward at making it clear that people have to choose one of the options, than our current custom buttons. For example, they might very well have accessibility issues since they <a href="">use color alone to convey information</a>.

But let's not argue more based on assumptions: if my fears are founded, they will show up in the usability tests.

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We're short on budget this year. Maybe next year.

We could do some basic A/B testing to see which version works best.

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