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transifex translations: we should not update from the _completed branches

Added by emmapeel about 2 months ago. Updated about 2 months ago.

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ey there!

I think we should change de branches from where we pick up our translations coming from transifex.

The Tails resources being translated on transifex have usually two branches each on
For example, the resource translating WhisperBack has:

This translations are imported with the ./


As reported in , the \*_completed branches are only updated when a resource is completed, so a problem arises when:

  • A translation is completed - the _completed branch is updated
  • There are new strings on the file - the _completed branch is NOT updated
  • Some of the translations are done, but not all - the _completed branch is NOT updated

While I welcome help to solve the tor ticket before, my suggestion for Tails is to pull from the normal branch, and use the _completed branch as a way of seeing the situation of the translation (how many times this file was completed? etc).

By not using the _completed branch, we will be having less outdated translations. Especially on the 'long tail' of languages.


#1 Updated by emmapeel about 2 months ago

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#2 Updated by intrigeri about 2 months ago

@emmapeel, is there any difference between the branches you recommend we use and the _completed ones, wrt. inclusion of non-reviewed translations?

Rationale for my question: I'd rather not regress on the (already rather poor) quality of translations we pull from Transifex.

#3 Updated by emmapeel about 2 months ago

regarding the reviews, as well as the updates when a resource gets small changes, I am recommending to follow the not-_Completed branches, because I think it is better regarding the update of the files:

if someone makes a correction on an incomplete file, it will be updated in the resource branch, but it will not be updated on the _completed branch until the whole file is translated.

but unfortunately i cannot tell the transifex client to download according to review percentage. what i can tell you is that reviewing a resource makes really small changes, and it happens usually after a resource is completed, so this problem is arising for languages with less updates.

#4 Updated by intrigeri about 2 months ago

OK, I understand. I'm still interested in the answer to my question, so we can consciously factor it into the pros/cons balancing act.

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