Bug #16746

document the disappearence of NoScript and HTTPSEverywhere icons from Tor Browser's toolbar

Added by goupille 7 months ago. Updated 6 months ago.

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Users tend to (understandably) freak out when things are disappearing, so documenting this kind of changes, when planned, in the release notes would be really helpful for the Helpdesk.

in this case, a user that doesn't know their way to about:addons or to customize the toolbar might think that NoScript is not installed, or not working,and that can be pretty confusing, especially since we are saying that 3.14 fixes a NoScript bug.

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Added by sajolida 7 months ago

Document NoScript disappearing as expected (Closes: #16746)


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I saw this problem coming and should have mentioned this in the release notes proactively, sorry!

Now fixed in

@goupille: Please have a look.

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for people that aere not good at understanding english (release news are usually not translated quickly, if at all) I think it would have been better to explicitly say that noscript is still installed and working even if the icon is not there, but I'm ok with it as it is

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