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Nuke keys

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should consider adding nuke keys aka persistent deletion keys.

Consider a situation like this…

I’m a Whistleblower and I have been caught handling sensitive information. Could be inclined to give my password by force. But with the deletion keys .I could give them the deletion password and doing that will delete all data in persistent storage, but as an optional feature still keeping persistent storage there to avoid suspicions of deletion while also having the option of deleting persistent storage entirely if wanted to avoid forensic tools.

this could be one of the situations in which nuke keys could very much save that whistleblowers life and people associiated with the person.

this feature has been implemented in a number of other operating systems like kali linux...

does this sound like a good feteaure or is it complete garbage.

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Duplicates Tails - Feature #6582: Emergency password for self destruction of LUKS keys Rejected 01/08/2014


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sorry for my bad English isn't my first language

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thanks for filling this ticket but a few things before getting in this topic:

1. First look for similar tickets, because it's easy to duplicate something that has already been asked / discussed in the past. And here it's already been discussed in #6582.

2. Please don't tag tickets as elevated by default, it looks like your priority becomes the Tails community one, which might not be the case

So for this request you should look at the 2 following tickets:

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