Bug #16465

release_process: clarify PACKAGES_MANIFEST vs. build-manifest

Added by CyrilBrulebois 9 months ago. Updated 2 months ago.

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It's already bitten several times, even if I didn't remember the details during my last ticket filing spree.

The PACKAGES_MANIFEST variable is misnamed, as one could think it's about the `.packages` file while it's really about the `.build-manifest`!

Two (complementary) things that can be improved here:
  • rename that to BUILD_MANIFEST for clarity
  • improve the check right after defining the desired variable. Right now we only check the file's existence. But then it's used this way:
wiki/src/contribute/release_process.mdwn-* Prepare tagged snapshots of upstream APT repositories:
wiki/src/contribute/release_process.mdwn:          ./bin/tag-apt-snapshots "${PACKAGES_MANIFEST:?}" "${TAG:?}" 

and ./bin/tag-apt-snapshots can be quite unhappy about being fed one file instead of the other.

If that command isn't used for anything else, maybe it could check the file extension, which would spot trivial issues like the one I've gotten into? That plus the simple variable renaming should be robust enough to me.

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Revision af7ab8ce (diff)
Added by intrigeri 2 months ago

Release process: rename PACKAGES_MANIFEST to BUILD_MANIFEST (refs: #16465)

This has caused confusion in the past.

Revision 05c79ca0 (diff)
Added by intrigeri 2 months ago

Release process: ensure BUILD_MANIFEST has the expected file extension (refs: #16465)

Revision e8895194
Added by segfault 2 months ago

Merge branch 'test/17029+17027+17028+16931+force-all-tests' into devel

Closes: #17029, #17027, #17028, #16931, #16617, #17030, #10708, #16465
Closes: #13469


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All your proposals sound good to me and I would happily review'n'merge a branch implementing them.

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