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Upgrade to tor 0.3.5

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pidgin.feature started failing with the upgrade to Tor 0.3.5: fails connecting to the XMPP server when tested by hand on this branch, unless I manually configure the proxy settings to use SOCKS5, i.e. the global Pidgin proxy settings we set in config/chroot_local-includes/etc/skel/.purple/prefs.xml seem to be ignored.

This upgrade popped up too late in the 3.12 cycle to deal with that, so let's upgrade for 3.13.

And here's a list of little-t-tor changes that might be relevant, e.g. they may break or time sync hacks or instead make some of them obsolete:

Some of them were fixed in 0.3.5, some will be in 0.4.x but might be backported to 0.3.5 when we come back to this ticket. As part of this ticket, I expect we will:

  • look for breakage and fix it (subtasks of this ticket + report to Tor Network Team if the problem is on their side)
  • look for changes that make our code useless but not harmful and file new FT tickets for that (not blockers to close this ticket)
  • if it looks like 0.4.x will make a bigger difference, file a ticket about upgrading to 0.4.x and explain your findings there, so we don't do all the exact same work again once we're there

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Revision 3d88e030 (diff)
Added by intrigeri 3 days ago

Install tor 0.3.4 from out custom APT repo (refs: #16348, #16349).

Revision b15b0dde (diff)
Added by intrigeri 3 days ago

Rename APT overlay to match new branch name (refs: #16348, #16349).


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