Bug #16335

Bug #16281: Update the test suite for Buster

Gobby 0.5→0.6 changes in buster: test suite update needed

Added by CyrilBrulebois about 1 year ago. Updated 10 months ago.

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With the feature/buster branch, gobby gets bumped from 0.5.0-8.1 to 0.6.0~20170204~e5c2d1-3, and the case of one menu item changes a little; ditto for the window it leads to.

This leads to this failure in features/tor_stream_isolation.feature:

    And I connect Gobby to ""                                        # features/step_definitions/tor.rb:326
      The Dogtail script raised: SearchError: descendent of [application | gobby-0.5]: "Connect to Server..." menuitem (RuntimeError)
      ./features/support/helpers/dogtail.rb:83:in `run'
      ./features/support/helpers/dogtail.rb:225:in `initialize'
      ./features/support/helpers/dogtail.rb:205:in `new'
      ./features/support/helpers/dogtail.rb:205:in `block (2 levels) in <class:Application>'
      ./features/step_definitions/tor.rb:335:in `/^I connect Gobby to "([^"]+)"$/'
      features/tor_stream_isolation.feature:62:in `And I connect Gobby to ""'

Also, it seems there's an extraneous Ctrl-T, which I could get rid of without triggering any issues.

Two patches attached which fix the test failure. Will push with a reference to this ticket unless there's something I overlooked.

0001-Adjust-dogtail-patterns-for-gobby-test.patch View (1.22 KB) CyrilBrulebois, 01/10/2019 02:51 AM

0002-Drop-extraneous-shortcut.patch View (981 Bytes) CyrilBrulebois, 01/10/2019 02:51 AM

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Revision 4594861e (diff)
Added by CyrilBrulebois about 1 year ago

Adjust dogtail patterns for gobby test (refs: #16335).

With the gobby upgrade from 0.5.0 to 0.6.0 pre-series, the case changed
a little for a menu item and the window it leads to.

Revision 7e76c0fe (diff)
Added by CyrilBrulebois about 1 year ago

Drop extraneous shortcut for gobby (refs: #16335).

Clicking the menu and its submenu seems to be sufficient, no need to
send an extra Ctrl-T.


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Sounds good.

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My understanding is that this was fixed. Let's reopen if there's something more to do here.

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