Bug #16302

Feature #10034: Translation web platform

Feature #15079: Integrate the platform with our Git and ikiwiki infrastructure

Feature #15077: Have a staging website to build planned languages, with a resilient build

Bug #15625: Create ikiwiki-staging.setup for staging website

Syslog and staging website

Added by hefee about 1 year ago. Updated 8 months ago.

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The setting in ikiwiki.setup

syslog: 1

makes the output become pushed to syslog - A good idea, that syslog should handle the logging, as we can get rid of the pipe in have propper rotating of logfiles etc. But where is the log output stored? And weblate-admin should have access to it.


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do you have an example of the kind of log output you're expecting? i can't see anything tagged ikiwiki.

#2 Updated by hefee about 1 year ago

groente wrote:

do you have an example of the kind of log output you're expecting? i can't see anything tagged ikiwiki.

Actually ikiwiki seemed to be very verbose on the stdout, that's why we started to redirect the stdout/stderr to a logfile in first place. I know ikiwiki sending out mails in November with lines like attached. But intrigeri mentioned, that with verbose mode turned off, there may be (nearly) no logs. But ikiwiki beeing quited, if everything is fine is great too. I was just used trained to see those log messages and look at them.

Removing staging/
Removing wiki/src/.ikiwiki/
Removing wiki/src/about.pot
Removing wiki/src/about/contact.pot
Removing wiki/src/bugs.pot
Removing wiki/src/contribute.pot
Removing wiki/src/doc.pot
Already up-to-date.
rebuilding wiki..
scanning sandbox.mdwn
scanning security.sr_Latn.po
scanning about.zh_TW.po
scanning shortcuts.mdwn
scanning upgrade.fa.po
scanning support.zh_TW.po
scanning doc/about/
scanning doc/about/
scanning doc/about/acknowledgments_and_similar_projects.zh.po
scanning doc/about/
scanning doc/about/acknowledgments_and_similar_projects.sr_Latn.po
scanning doc/about/acknowledgments_and_similar_projects.zh_TW.po
scanning doc/about/
scanning doc/about/

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Maybe have another search for the logs and if you don't find those close this bug and we'll reopen, if we miss logs in an error occurs.

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okay, no logs to be seen anywhere, so i'll close the ticket now.
feel free to reopen if/when the need for logging pops up.

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