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Setup a funding opportunities calendar

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Define and implement a calendar file of opportunities for grants to be saved in the fundraising Git.



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#4 Updated by intrigeri 4 months ago

I personally have a hard time incrementally building & keeping up-to-date my view of the big picture for upcoming grants. So I would be super happy if we had such a very basic calendar in Git. For more detailed info about grant opportunities, adding/updating files in the opportunities folder seems good enough to me, so no need to bother adding to the calendar more info than timing info and a pointer to the relevant opportunities/* file.

So assuming we embrace KISS, don't over-engineer it and don't spend too much time nitpicking, setting this up should be pretty simple. We could even do it during our upcoming team meeting :)

#5 Updated by sajolida 4 months ago

Honestly, I'm not using so much fundraising.git:opportunities to track grants and their calendar. I'm using more Redmine which is the place where I look to know what I should be doing in the next weeks and, mea culpa, my own todo mechanisms.

Having regular meetings might help me have a better shared picture of the calendar and priorities if we decide to store them in fundraising.git:opportunities but what about:

  • Using tails.git/contribute/calendar to track deadlines of funders. I look at this more often and it also includes more dates from the project in general. These dates are made public anyway by the funders.
  • Using Redmine to track priorities: when to work on what (for example some funders don't have a deadline). We are usually public about the grants we apply to in our monthly reports so maybe there's no secrecy concern here either. We could use private tickets and private comments when need and of course, keep our drafts and more concrete plans in fundraising.git as we've always done.

NB: Does moire have access to private tickets and comments on Redmine?

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