Bug #16183

weblate cannot update the database schemas

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There is an issue with the weblate instance upgrade (i don't really know exactly what is the problem because I am unable to see the mysql logs), but it seems weblate cannot update the database schemes.

Steps to reproduce:

- cd /usr/local/share/weblate/

- 'sudo -u weblate python3 ./ makemigrations' to make the file

- 'sudo -u weblate python3 ./ migrate' to apply the changes. Changes look like are applied.

- 'sudo -u weblate python3 ./ migrate' again, to check for new migrations. It says new migrations needed!

- 'sudo -u weblate python3 ./ makemigrations' generates a new file with the same mysql query!!!.

what should happen:

- the second time we run 'sudo -u weblate python3 ./ migrate' it should tell us that there are no migrations needed.

The query is adding some more options to the check table because of new checks available on upgrade.


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well, i don't see any failures, even when running migrate with -v3 --traceback.

what i do see is that the migate command adds an entry to the django_migrations table.

running the thing in strace, i don't even see it trying to make any changes to the database structure. All that is sent to the mysql server is the INSERT into the django_migrations table and a whole lot of SELECT's, but no ALTER or UPDATE or anything else I'd expect from an attempt to make the needed adjustments you mentioned.

i'm afraid i can't help you any further on this one, i'm inclined to think there's something wrong with the internal logic of

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