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Donation campaign 2019

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Feature #15882: Decide if we want to send T-shirts during the campaignRejected

Feature #15971: Update "How we spend our money"Resolvedintrigeri

Feature #16070: Support bash glob in donors-reportResolved

Feature #16170: Make the wire transfer and crypto currency alternatives visible above the foldResolved

Feature #16258: Some people are confused about the changing bitcoin address on /donateResolved

Feature #16695: Add option to exclude recurring donors from donors scriptResolved

Feature #16769: Find a better mechanism to send bulk emailsResolved

Feature #16884: Accept Monero and ZcashResolved

Feature #16885: Accept ZcashDuplicate

Feature #16919: Write blog posts for the donation campaignResolvedsajolida

Feature #17095: Write /news/achievements_in_2019Resolved

Feature #17096: Write /news/2019-fundraiserResolved

Feature #17255: Write "Celebrating 10 years of Tails"Resolved

Feature #17261: Write /news/plans_for_2020Resolved

Feature #16920: Prepare the banner for the donation campaignResolved

Feature #16921: Write an email to past donorsResolved

Feature #16922: Write a thank you emailResolved

Feature #16923: Add income diversity chart to donation pageResolved

Feature #16924: Tweet about the donation campaignResolved

Feature #16944: Document how to get donation receiptsResolved

Bug #17066: Create frame on /donate with T-Shirt offer on $100 donationRejected

Feature #17079: Retrospect on the donation campaign 2019Resolved

Feature #17094: Send logs from September 2019 to sajolidaResolved

Feature #17107: Accept corporate matched donations through Benevity.orgResolved

Bug #17170: Make forward incoming email to tails-fundraising@boum.orgResolved

Feature #17213: Mid-term evaluation of the donation campaignResolved

Feature #17326: Display the title of the 1st blog post above the fold even during donation campaignRejected

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