Feature #15670

Feature #14468: Add VeraCrypt support to Tails

Feature #14480: Fix bugs and UX issues of VeraCrypt support

Improve the navigation of the VeraCrypt documentation

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Right now we have 4 sections:

  • Unlocking a file container
    • Using Files
    • Using Disks
  • Unlocking a partition
    • Using Files
    • Using Disks

During the user testing of the VeraCrypt beta all the participants (5/5) ended up following a wrong section of the doc. Even though they lacked a good understanding of the VeraCrypt concepts, the major problem was about navigating between the 4 sections, understanding which one was about what and making it clear what the section people were following was about.

I had the following ideas (to be tried out):

  • Use longer section title like "Unlocking a file container using the Files browser". See also #15669.
  • Use drawings to explain and visualize "file container" and "partition".
  • Use toggles to only display the relevant sections. This might not be enough unless we can trigger closing down all the other sections.
  • Use separate pages for different sections.
  • Clarify that "partition" also applies to entire disks.


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I did that with:

  • 500af66ab4 which is the real solution I believe.
  • f6dbc56686 to clarify that 'partition' also apply to entire disks
  • 660d40dbc0 to explain with graphics the different between 'file container' and 'partition'

I think that this would have been enough to solve the problems during the user testing. I'd rather avoid splitting the page or using toggle as it would introduce another classes of problems.

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Cody agreed to review that.

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Everything looks good!

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