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Inconsistencies in "release schedule" page

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There are a few inconsistencies in the "release schedule" page ( ):

  • "The idea is to put a major Tails release out every 12 weeks, plus a point release in between." This does not appear to be what's currently happening. Instead, Tails is released every 8 weeks, sometimes sooner if the Firefox ESR schedule allows. As for point releases, those do seem to go out on an as-needed basis right now, as far as I can tell.
  • "The second number is even for major release (introducing new features), and odd for minor release (that only fix bugs)." That is inconsistent with what I see on where, for example, Tails 3.9 is marked as a major release (odd second number) and Tails 3.8 is marked as a bugfix release (even second number). There is also some ambiguity as to the term "bugfix release": does it refer to the Firefox ESR release, or Tails as a whole?

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Release schedule: update to match current practice (Closes: #15489).


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Thanks for your input!

The release schedule is linked to that of Firefox, I am not sure about the 8 weeks instead of 6, as we don't really decide on that.

Regarding the link for Firefox-ESR, though, maybe we should change it.

Can you please have a look, and see if it is a better link, intrigeri, with your FT hat?

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Fixed most of these problems with 87b8680d2f0d773e1a5c1cdb1ae35b52e0787394.

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