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Feature #15341: Upgrade to Stretch 9.4

Decide when we upgrade to Stretch 9.4

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Stretch 9.4 should be released at some point in March, possibly very shortly the Tails 3.6 freeze, possibly after the 3.6 final release. Let's see if we can/want to have it in Tails 3.6 (major), 3.7 (bugfix), 3.8 (bugfix) or 3.9 (major).

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"The next point release for "stretch" (9.4) is scheduled for Saturday, March 10th" i.e. after the 3.6 freeze and 2 days before the 3.6 final ISO build (2018-03-12). already has quite a big pile of security fixes.

Our options

Upgrade to Stretch 9.4 in Tails 3.6

The way we do this usually is:

  1. enable stable-proposed-updates ASAP so 3.6~rc1 gets most of the updates
  2. March 10 or 11: once Stretch 9.4 is out, check the packages diff (testing..devel) and the devel test suite results; if everything looks good, bump the APT snapshots on the testing branch and remove the stable-proposed-updates APT source; if there's a problem then we can stick to the snapshots we had in 3.6~rc1 (and ship an ISO with stable-proposed-updates enabled, which is not ideal but well).

Upgrade to Stretch 9.4 in one of the 3.7 and 3.8 bugfix releases

The process would be the same as "Upgrade to Stretch 9.4 in Tails 3.6" except we don't get a RC to test most of the changes in production settings. This is slightly compensated by the fact we get more CI results by waiting more (but the longer we wait, the less the devel branch CI results are meaningful so getting this benefit requires additional work).

Upgrade to Stretch 9.4 (or rather 9.5 probably) in our next major release, i.e. Tails 3.9

This means we stick to Stretch 9.3 for the next 6 months and in the meantime, if anything else makes us need to bump APT snapshots, we have to choose between getting Stretch 9.4 as a side effect or using our freeze exception mechanism. I think it's gonna be painful and harder to plan than any of the other options.


I think we should try to do "Upgrade to Stretch 9.4 in Tails 3.6" (as usual basically) and if we notice on March 10-11 it's not that easy, we fallback to "Upgrade to Stretch 9.4 in one of the 3.7 and 3.8 bugfix releases".

I'm going to prepare the branch that enables s-p-u but it would be nice to know what bertagaz (the RM for 3.6 and 3.7) thinks.

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Ok, thanks for the clear writings. I agree with your conclusion, we should try to get 9.4 in 3.6. I'll have a look at #15340 ASAP.

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