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Donation campaign 2018

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In case it may help, the teardown of the donation campaign 2017 was b994e639e4b3508efc68878b306cac206d8452bb + ce68a31abcee69828b3c1d56e45d3e91de17bee3. Presumbly reverting those would bring stuff back to life :)


Feature #12075: Add Riseup Labs's postal addresses on the donation page for US checksResolved

Feature #12156: Have a static <title> on /home regardless of ikiwiki meta titleResolved

Feature #12268: Make it so most Bitcoin donations arrive directly on RiseupLabs' Coinbase accountResolved

Feature #12486: Consider dropping flattr versus making it more prominent on our websiteResolved

Feature #14878: Remove the note about the switch to CCTResolvedu

Bug #15306: Propose donation possibility in other cryptocurrencies than BitcoinResolved

Feature #15346: Document steps to run the donation campaignResolved

Feature #15881: Share notes from last donation campaignRejectedu

Feature #15882: Decide if we want to send T-shirts during the campaignRejected

Feature #15930: Write blog post to start the campaignResolved

Feature #15931: Write blog posts about achievementResolved

Feature #15932: Grant moire access to donors.gitResolved

Feature #15961: Remove Flattr from our websiteResolved

Feature #15963: Analyze the conversion rate of PayPal donations from /homeResolved

Feature #15964: Pass-through the ?r= parameter to /donate/thanks and /donate/canceledResolved

Feature #15968: Prepare donation bannerResolved

Feature #15970: Translate the donation bannerResolved

Feature #16038: Write an email to past donorsResolved

Feature #16042: Update "Where do we get our money from"Resolved

Feature #16043: Consider have a progress bar on the donation campaignResolved

Bug #16049: Donation banner may be badly displayed because of HTTP cachingResolved

Bug #16056: Donor mail extraction script ignores unsubscribedResolvedu

Bug #16116: Write blog posts about plansResolved

Feature #16343: Analyze the donation campaign 2018Resolved

Feature #16363: Write a thank you messageIn Progresssajolida

Feature #16491: Retrospect on donation campaign 2018Confirmedsajolida

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2018 is over ⇒ setting the same target version as remaining subtasks.

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