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Have a systematic thank you process for individual substantial donations

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As proposed in the feedback about the sponsor page, we'd also like to have individuals be able to be listed on the Partners page. However, in order to make that happen, what shall we tell them? Should we either tell them on the Become A Partner page that if they wish they can send us an email? Or should we thank them individually and ask if they want to be listed? Is it realistic that we will follow up on every single donation?

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I don't think that it's realistic to follow up on every donation as all this happens out of our sight.
So the best option would be to add this as a sentence to the donation page. I already created a part on the bottom about partnering, and would like to try to improve on it in order to make it clear that as an individual donor, you should contact us.

Individuals who donated large amounts in the past: we knew this happened everytime when it happened, right? So I believe if that happens again, we should simply rely on this old mechanism. And whenever it happens, send them an email.

I'll create a folder in the fundraising repository with template emails for saying thanks and asking individuals if they want to be listed.

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I've created individual_substantial.mdwn in partners_donations/ in the fundraising repository with a thank you email. Please review.

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In the past it has sometimes been hard to track individual donations because of the hard communications with our fiscal sponsors. Still, I think this should be fixed and we should be able to know when people give us big money. For example, some donors wouldn't care writing us proactively and instead wait and see if we get back to them. Also, telling individual to contact us on /donate might lead to too many emails to process and too many frustrating emails: "it's super cool you donated but it's not enough to be listed on the partners page, sorry!".

Other than that, ack on the email in fundraising.git :)

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