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Feature #12035: Donation campaign 2017

Write a blog post "why regular donations are better"

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We didn't write about this in 2016, could be interesting either in the middle of 2017 or for the next donation campaign.

That could probably be inspired by similar messages from riseup, for example.


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Sounds like a good idea to me, thanks!

Nitpicking: maybe s/monthly/recurring/, as we also offer a "yearly" option which is just as good for our needs, I think.

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May somebody provide such a similar message from Riseup?

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Assigning to BitingBird who brought this up. Please reassign to me later on.

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I had the idea, and I think it would bring something, but I don't volunteer to do it. Here is their email I was thinking about:

"Riseup has a lot of users and groups who give us monthly donations. Yay! This is huge for us because we’re able to plan for our future collective work with a firmer idea of what we’ll be able to fund.

What are those plans? They’re evolving, and always involve implementing more secure protocols, expanding our services worldwide, and offering a growing number of secure and surveillance-free internet communication tools.

If you can, if you’re able, we’d love for you to sign up for monthly donations at whatever level you can ($5 = so awesome. $10 = so awesome. More money = so awesome.)" in

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I will merge this into my 3rd post about our future plans. Thus closing this ticket as duplicate.

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