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Improve the UX of the "Edit" link on our web pages

Added by intrigeri about 3 years ago. Updated 10 months ago.

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  • anyone can edit blueprints anonymously, which is great;
  • on translation (non-English) pages, we display an "improve translation" button, which is great;
  • any other page: an "Edit" button suggests that one can edit random pages, but then they are forbidden to do so, and not explained how else they can contribute their changes. I have seen visitors of our website (such as native English speakers) willing to fix typos or improve some phrasing, and in the end being confused and having to ask me how they should proceed. This ticket is about fixing this problem.


  • blueprints and translation (non-English) pages: no change;
  • on any other page, replace the "Edit" link with:
    • displayed text: "Improve this page" (better ideas are welcome as long as it doesn't take months; we can iterate)
    • destination URL: I'm not 100% sure; either (like we do in the "fork us on GitLab" links in contribute/how/*) that eases the process for the simplest kinds of changes (pass-by contributors should not be discouraged, i.e. they should not have to read a lengthy "how to contribute" page just to fix a couple typos); or contribute/how/documentation (which discourages pass-by contributors, but has the advantage that it avoids people trying to improve our doc without the other info they need for their time — and ours — to be well spent). If we go for the GitLab link, we'll need to track merge requests sent to GitLab; I think it's acceptable to accept this way of contributing for small, pass-by contributions to our web site, even if the rest of our workflow is not ready to go this way.

Regarding implementation: this requires either a custom ikiwiki plugin that sets template variables depending on the page's URL, or some JavaScript. I much prefer the latter approach.


#1 Updated by u over 1 year ago

This looks like a UX issue to me, what do you think, sajolida?

#2 Updated by sajolida over 1 year ago

I agree with intrigeri's plan.

#3 Updated by intrigeri 10 months ago

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