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Review last release notes changes

Added by bertagaz about 2 years ago. Updated 11 months ago.

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Contributors documentation
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During 2.7, some steps showed weaknesses. Some where adjusted, some are yet to be discussed.

They're marked with XXX in the release process documentation patches

I've included a release notes link in the release process, that's a part of why I missed the synchronization on this side.


#1 Updated by sajolida about 2 years ago

Count on me if you need help or for reviewing this once you have a first

#2 Updated by u 11 months ago

  • QA Check set to Info Needed

Can we safely assume that because this ticket is already a year old it's not of use to review that anymore? If yes, please reject this ticket.

#3 Updated by intrigeri 11 months ago

  • QA Check deleted (Info Needed)
  • Type of work changed from Discuss to Contributors documentation

I've taken a look and I'm sure I understand what this is about:

  • I suspect there's a terminology problem and this was about the release process doc, instead of what we call "release notes" usually.
  • When I follow the link from the description, I see only two instances of "XXX":
    • one about buildinfo, that we still have in Git: indeed we can drop this note, I've uploaded a .changes with buildinfo and dbgsyms a few days ago and it worked fine
    • one that does not seem to be in current master anymore

So I suspect the only action needed to complete this follow up on bertagaz' 2.7 RM shift is to delete 4 lines in wiki/src/contribute/APT_repository/custom.mdwn. Updating ticket metadata accordingly.

Or, the link is wrong and I totally misunderstood what this ticket is about. Which is possible because I don't understand what should be reviewed.

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