Feature #10800

Feature #10034: Translation web platform

Bug #9049: Search for easier ways to open the website to translation

Check if Pontoon fits our requirements for a translation platform

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The functionality of Pontoon should be checked against the requirements in the blueprint

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I won't have time to play with Pontoon in a near future.
A call for help was sent on tails-l10n

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Mozilla runs a demo instance, if you want to see how Pontoon looks like:

Apparently RTL (Right To Left) translations are not supported so far :

#10 Updated by sajolida about 3 years ago

I would love to test Pontoon on a version of our website. I didn't figure out how Pontoon stores the translations but maybe we could convert them in PO and merge with the PO files generated by ikiwiki.

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I think we've now decided to use Weblate, and thus, I would not bother with this ticket anymore.

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