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Eliminate manual test suite

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Feature #10252: Test that FTP connections to LAN IPs works in Unsafe BrowserConfirmed

Feature #10253: Test that Google is the default search plugin in Unsafe BrowserRejected

Feature #10254: Test that the internal links in the documentation included with Tails work fineConfirmed

Feature #10255: Test that the OpenPGP Applet's text is readable when Windows Camouflage is enabledRejected

Feature #10258: Test that Browsers in Tails use the IE theme when Windows Camouflage is enabledConfirmed

Feature #10259: Automate test for checking whether Tor is up-to-dateConfirmed

Feature #10260: Automate the Tor Browser folks' manual test suiteConfirmed

Feature #10261: Test that the correct keyboard layout is set Confirmed

Feature #10262: Automate Tor Browser fingerprint testsConfirmed

Feature #10263: Test that the on-screen keyboard works and its layout is correctly setConfirmed

Feature #10265: Test that DDG is the default search engine in Tor BrowserIn Progress

Feature #10264: Automate Tor Browser WebRTC tests Confirmed

Feature #10266: Automatically test that the Tor Browser's Net Identity feature forces new Tor circuitsConfirmed

Feature #10267: Test that the search plugins (, WP, and StartPage) are localizedRejected

Feature #10268: Automate test of /etc/default/htpdate.user-agentRejected

Feature #10269: Test that spellcheck works in Tor Browser for each of our supported languagesConfirmed

Feature #10270: Automate WhisperBack testsConfirmed

Feature #10271: Test that spellcheck's suggestions in Tor Browser are for the correct languageConfirmed

Feature #10272: Test that the default spellcheck language matches the language selected at the greeterRejected

Feature #10274: Automatically test that we cannot login as rootConfirmedanonym

Feature #10275: Automatically test that any administration password is not leaked in plaintext into the systemResolved

Feature #10276: Automatically test that the Greeter is displayed correctly in low screen resolutionsConfirmed

Feature #10277: Automatically test that Tails has booted correctly and without errorsIn Progress

Feature #8262: Automatically test that all services have started correctlyResolved

Feature #10278: Automatically test that services that we disable are not startedIn Progress

Feature #10279: Automatically test the sanity of the systemd journal and syslogRejected

Feature #5472: Automatically test behavior on boot medium removalResolved

Feature #9087: Write tests for connecting to hosts on a LAN via SSHResolved

Feature #8788: Automatically test the "Tails documentation" link on the DesktopIn Progress

Bug #9097: Automatic test: measure boot timeConfirmed

Feature #10480: Automate test of incremental upgradesDuplicateanonym

Bug #17017: Automate APT manual testsConfirmed

Related issues

Related to Tails - Feature #6298: Write more automated tests Resolved 09/26/2013 07/31/2016


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Should #9097 be a child of this?

#4 Updated by intrigeri over 3 years ago

Should #9097 be a child of this?

Good catch! Done.

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  • Target version set to 2019

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  • Target version deleted (2019)

(as per updated roadmap)

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(I've discussed this with spriver out-of-band. Conclusion: anyone should feel free to take this ticket if they'd like to.)

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